Reading the signs- new music on the way?

UPDATE [29 June 2015] – An article posted on Twitter confirms a number of tracks planned for P!nk’s next album.

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Things on social media have been heating up in the world of P!nk. General activity has been increasing on P!nk’s personal Twitter page in the last week or two. There have also been some other encouraging signs.

P!nk was spotted at the Aspen food and wine classic. If I lived in America and had checked P!nk’s Twitter favourites page in time, I would have made sure I was there.

twizfull girl full cookAs you may have noticed in the pictures, her hair is coloured a pale pink. It is somewhat a tradition that P!nk colours her hair to match her name when writing new music. This is just one of the recent signs that P!nk may be ready to release new music and embark on another tour.

Another sign that things are changing is that P!nk and Carey have listed a house for sale. There are many images available though the fantastic P!nk Forever photo gallery. It is great to see these photos and match them up against photos that have been shared on social media by P!nk and Carey over the last few years. Is it possible that they are selling it now in preparation for leaving on a lengthy tour?

A further indicator new music is imminent comes from a video I recall watching last month when P!nk was at the BMI awards. The video was filmed on the red carpet where she admitted that she was working on new music as the persona P!nk (as opposed to Alecia or You + Me). I have tried to track down the source of the video for this post but wasn’t able to locate it.

I am excited for possibility of new music from P!nk. Today marks two years since P!nk started the Australian leg of The Truth About Love Tour in Perth. It was a fantastic night which I will remember for years to come. I hope that P!nk continues to share her gift of music with the world and create wonderful memories for herself, her family and fans when she tours. Given her history to date, P!nk is likely to release another album in the next twelve months. Hopefully we will all have some more news soon.


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