Red, white…. and P!nk

Red, white…. and P!nk. This is how P!nk announced that she is contributing to the soundtrack of the new Alice in Wonderland movie which is titled Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Below is the trailer for the movie and a behind the scenes look at P!nk recording the song.

Apparently the song ‘White Rabbit’ is quite famous, however before today I had never heard it before. I looked up the original on YouTube. I’m not a fan of P!nk’s rendition, in fact the highlight of the trailer for me is hearing the voice of the late Alan Rickman. Hopefully the original song she has written and recorded for the movie is better than White Rabbit. You can read more about the movie and P!nk’s involvement in this article. You can also read about Willow’s influence on P!nk’s participation in the film HERE.

The movie opens on 27 May 2016.


2 thoughts on “Red, white…. and P!nk

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