P!nk cameo in upcoming movie

It seems that P!nk is taking small steps towards movies and film. Her past film roles include Happy Feet Two and Thanks For Sharing. She is featuring on the soundtrack of the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie which comes out in May 2016 and now the trailer for a new project she has been involved with has been released. News of her involvement in the film surfaced July 2015. Check out the trailer below…

It is unclear how large P!nk’s role in the film will be. For now at least here is a picture of P!nk riding a ‘unicorn’.


I hope that isn’t a real horse…

You can read more about the film on the P!nk Fans Blog.

Oh, and don’t forget that P!nk is also featuring in a new kids show that is starting soon. See what I mean about her moving towards film and television… Please don’t forget about music P!nk. I would really love a new album and tour of Australia soon!


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