It’s official, new music coming!

P!nk is sending more and more signs that there new music and a potential new tour is on its way. P!nk has re-opened a public Instagram account and is regularly posting clues of what is coming. The lead up to new music from P!nk has been building for a long time, almost a year in fact, as you can see from one of my previous blog posts.

Last week it was announced that P!nk has registered two new tracks with her record company. You can see a full list of new tracks HERE.

The clues are really starting to stack up on P!nk’s Instagram…full - Copy

You can check out the pictures in more detail on her page, however these photos shows P!nk and Willow hanging out with Dreya (P!nk’s tour aerial coach). I’m pretty sure they don’t hang out just for fun… especially with the Glitter in the Air silks.

with comment

Today P!nk posted the above image. At first glance it is easy to miss who is in the photo with her. Thanks to a little help from friends on Twitter it is certainly safe that P!nk is with one of her favourite music video directors, Dave Meyers. I admit that the caption was so distracting that I didn’t have a chance to pay attention to the rest of the photo before reading the tip-off on Twitter. As the comment on Twitter suggested, it would seem that P!nk is filming some sort of video for her rendition of White Rabbit which will feature in the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie being released in May.

So… between registering new tracks, meeting with her tour and music video friends, upping her publicity by posting regularly on her new Instagram page, and dropping hints about the future, it seems safe to say that P!nk is getting ready to drop a new album and embark on a new world tour soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed….


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