Just Like Fire

It is finally here! Just Like Fire has been released and it sounds amazing!

Now I just need P!nk to announce when the new album is being released and when she is next touring Australia…

The speculation is already in overdrive on Twitter. Here are the two most interesting tweets that came across my timeline today.


Note my reply to Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet which is in the lower part of the screen shot as this is where the potential goss is at. I’m not sure whether they will answer me. Probably not as it is all top secret and they won’t be willing to give away too much information.

Speaking of information… the album release details and tour dates I mentioned earlier. Nothing is official yet and probably won’t be announced for a while (which is killing me!), but here is a reasonable estimated schedule from Twitter.


I hope that the album drops before September, as that is a really long wait. Going on history and what usually happens, I’d say that the album comes out in July or August and that the tour starts late January/ early February 2017. It is possible however that P!nk will start touring earlier, perhaps getting one ‘leg’ of the tour over with before the Christmas/ New Year break. Of course anything can happen. Perhaps the album will come out in a few weeks. If P!nk is starting media rounds soon (as per Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet) that is a good indication it will be sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed…


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