Final blog post (and that Instagram hack)

This will be the final blog post on this blog. I do hope that you have enjoyed reading the latest P!nk news over the last few years. My decision to stop this blog has been something I’ve considered for a while and was cemented by today after the fallout from the Instagram hack.

The Instagram hack – P!nk’s private account was hacked. I’m not sure whether the page was made public or if all her follow requests from fans were accepted, either way her page was visible to a lot of people for a few hours. After the account was re-secured, P!nk went on a Twitter rant and some of the elite fan accounts turned rabid with their own comments, also re-tweeting others. Here are the some of screen shots (I’m Marie)…






I guess that this was the tipping point for me. Some of P!nk’s more recent comments and decisions have left me unimpressed. Seeing the contents of her private photos also illuminated me to her uncensored self. Some of the things she has spoken out against publicly were visible in her own private photos. I still appreciate her and will probably listen to future music. I just need to take a step back.

Thanks to all my readers. This blog will remain as an archive of some amazing times and memories.


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