P!nk writes a song for Ellen

Awoke to this tweet….

What an amazing way to start the day. The video which features a preview of the song shows P!nk and Willow in the recording studio as well as snippets of The Ellen Show. Click HERE to see a larger version of the video on Ellen’s website. I guess ‘today’s the day’ we hear new music for P!nk.


P!nk’s dad Jim Moore on Instagram

This is the tweet that blew my mind just a few moments ago. Many fans know that P!nk closed her public instagram account at the end of 2012 and has since been using a private account. I’m not sure however, if many fans know that P!nk’s dad Jim Moore is on instagram and happily chats with P!nk fans. I sure didn’t until I read the tweet above. My mind is blown!

Click HERE to access his public instagram photos and read the interactions between Jim and the many P!nk fans. The photo he posted of himself and Willow (below) is gorgeous.

[UPDATE 13 August 2015- This photo has been removed from his account!]


P!nk in new movie

Fan sites started reporting over the last few hours that P!nk will feature in a new movie for release in 2016.


There is not a lot of information available about the movie. From what I understand it is about the music industry and makes fun of celebrities and the way they conduct themselves. It features the comedy trio known as The Lonely Island. You can read more information on the P!nk Fans blog.

Bad decision?

“It’s hypocritical of you, do as you say not as you do”- Runaway by P!nk from I’m Not Dead album (2006)

I hate to do this but I’m gonna call P!nk out as being hypocritical.

Last week P!nk put out a tweet discussing a documentary about empowering women.

The P!nk Fans twitter page later helpfully put out a link to the trailer.

First of all I’ve got to say that some of the words in P!nk’s tweet were a lot to read at 6am in the morning while I was still half asleep. Did she really need to word her tweet that way? While later watching the video, I was reminded of a lot of the messages that P!nk was sharing at the time of her I’m Not Dead album release in relation to the single Stupid Girls. In particular her interview with Oprah (below).

The issue of conflicting messages comes up when you remember that P!nk is an ambassador for cosmetic brand Cover Girl. Since watching the Miss Representation video last week I have been thinking a lot more about the saying “its what is on the inside that counts”. I think it would be great if everyone was required to wear their IQ number on their forehead permanently. Maybe this would encourage society to stop judging people on appearance and consider intelligence as being more valuable. This is of course not exactly practical as people’s IQ changes over time and it would be near impossible to test every single person’s IQ in a fair and timely manner while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the results.

Anyway, getting back to P!nk her affiliation with Cover Girl….

I remember that when the announcement of P!nk signing with Cover Girl was made, there were many “WFT?!?” reactions on social media. I shared that sentiment then and I still hold it now, however I don’t think P!nk fully understood the repercussions of her decision. At the time of the signing in 2012, P!nk had just released her new album The Truth About Love and was ready to embark on her world tour. After years of trying to win over the American public, she and her team could see that they were closer than ever before. I recall P!nk saying in one of her 2012 interviews that people must see her as being less intimidating now (after becoming a mother). Signing to Cover Girl provided P!nk with the opportunity to associate herself with a family friendly, well known brand. It gave her the opportunity to ‘speak’ to people that had previously written her off. It was about P!nk promoting her album and her tour in a new way. Cover Girl even played a part in P!nk’s American tour with makeup artist and manicurists on site to spoil concert attendees with mini makeovers (in order to sell more of their product).

I understand that for the reasons listed above, P!nk probably thought it was a great idea to partner with Cover Girl. I understand that her management team likely encouraged her to take up the opportunity. I understand that she thought 6 years was long enough for people to forget about her song Stupid Girls. I understand that most of her fans probably wouldn’t have a problem with her becoming the face of a cosmetic brand. However the truth remains that she can’t promote both messages. If she really believes in the content of the Miss Representation film, then how can she have signed up with Cover Girl? Do you think that P!nk made a bad decision?


P!nk’s second Madame Tussauds figure

Less than a year ago P!nk finally got her first Madame Tussauds wax figure. I’d like to think that the tweets I sent them on Twitter might have played a part in P!nk finally getting recognition she deserves. Well now it seems that Madame Tussauds has realised just how awesome P!nk is and given her a second wax figure. This one features P!nk performing her aerial routine for the song Try at the 2014 Grammy awards. This wax figure will be featured in New York. You can read a bit more about the new wax figure HERE. As for the comparison between the real P!nk and the wax figure, let me know what you think in the comments section.

Pink-Wax-Figure-Madame-Tussauds-New-York-Gallery-256th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Reading the signs- new music on the way?

UPDATE [29 June 2015] – An article posted on Twitter confirms a number of tracks planned for P!nk’s next album.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Things on social media have been heating up in the world of P!nk. General activity has been increasing on P!nk’s personal Twitter page in the last week or two. There have also been some other encouraging signs.

P!nk was spotted at the Aspen food and wine classic. If I lived in America and had checked P!nk’s Twitter favourites page in time, I would have made sure I was there.

twizfull girl full cookAs you may have noticed in the pictures, her hair is coloured a pale pink. It is somewhat a tradition that P!nk colours her hair to match her name when writing new music. This is just one of the recent signs that P!nk may be ready to release new music and embark on another tour.

Another sign that things are changing is that P!nk and Carey have listed a house for sale. There are many images available though the fantastic P!nk Forever photo gallery. It is great to see these photos and match them up against photos that have been shared on social media by P!nk and Carey over the last few years. Is it possible that they are selling it now in preparation for leaving on a lengthy tour?

A further indicator new music is imminent comes from a video I recall watching last month when P!nk was at the BMI awards. The video was filmed on the red carpet where she admitted that she was working on new music as the persona P!nk (as opposed to Alecia or You + Me). I have tried to track down the source of the video for this post but wasn’t able to locate it.

I am excited for possibility of new music from P!nk. Today marks two years since P!nk started the Australian leg of The Truth About Love Tour in Perth. It was a fantastic night which I will remember for years to come. I hope that P!nk continues to share her gift of music with the world and create wonderful memories for herself, her family and fans when she tours. Given her history to date, P!nk is likely to release another album in the next twelve months. Hopefully we will all have some more news soon.

Google says I am awesome

How crazy is this. I have tested this on two different devices, so hopefully it is safe to make it official. Apparently the video I made for Willow’s 2nd Birthday is one of the first Google results when you type in “Willow Sage Hart”.

Screenshot_2015-06-01-20-19-48-1The video also has over 95,000 views in just two years! I know that it is not the most impressive stat, but I’m still a really proud P!nk fan. My re-tweet and response from P!nk regarding her birthday video in 2013 is also a social media highlight.

P!nk speech at award ceremony

Here is another inspiring and revealing speech from P!nk.

This video was filmed at the BMI songwriters of the year awards earlier in the week. As P!nk says at the beginning of the video, she doesn’t enjoy speeches and there are few videos of her delivering extended spoken word in a formal public setting. This speech reminded me a bit of what is arguably P!nk’s most famous speech which she delivered at the HRC dinner in 2010.

There are also some photos taken at the BMI awards night which I have posted below.

210. 2015 209. 2015 206. 2015 208. 2015

P!nk- International Women’s Day

P!nk has a reputation as being a strong woman. She is a role model to many women worldwide. Here are just some of the life lessons she has taught me and why she is an inspiration.

P!nk and fans celebrated her achievements on Twitter with the following images.

P!nk at No Kid Hungry event- Pregnant??

Just a few hours ago P!nk attended an event for the No Kid Hungry organisation/ charity. The number one thing I got from the social media coverage of the event isn’t anything to do with her award, speech or performance. It is what was left unsaid and the clothes that she wore. What do you think, is there a sibling for Willow on the way shortly? For me, the bagginess of BOTH dresses, plus the placement of physical items around her stomach in many photos makes me inclined to answer YES! Check out the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section….




tumblr_nk265l69UI1r6bnrro1_1280 - Copy


New PETA campaign

P!nk has used her 2014 nude photos as part of a new PETA campaign against fur. One of the gorgeous photo has been transformed into a 90 foot billboard located in New York City’s famous Time Square. It has been timed to coincide with New York Fashion Week. How amazing is that?!? It is getting some strange media attention, with it being briefly mentioned in this recent news story about ‘ethical fur’.



First post of 2015- Reviewing the rare

Another year ahead, hopefully one that P!nk fans will be able to celebrate. I wanted to do something special for my first post of 2015, and it just so happens that circumstances provided me with the perfect opportunity.

For the last two years I have had rare P!nk songs downloaded to my laptop/ phone/ music player. These songs are ‘b-sides’ or bonus tracks. Many of them accompanied singles or special editions of an album. There is the possibility that some of them were not released publicly and are available due to a ‘leak’ from the recording company.I’m not sure of their origins, I just know that I’ve got them.

For the last two years I have been waiting for the right time to listen to these songs. I wanted to keep them unheard for as long as possible, so that when I got around to listening to them, it would be extra sweet. While the December/ January holidays provide some people with much needed time off, I find that I get bored easily and frustrated with the lack of things to keep me occupied. I have been reflecting on the items mentioned on my long-term to-do list when I remembered that I had these songs to listen to. With much excitement I wondered how long it had been since I had collected them, estimating about two years. This blog post from January 2013 proves it a very accurate estimate.

So it was with much anticipation that I pressed play. I was not disappointed. As you will read from my past blog posts tagged ‘song catalogue’ you can find each of the listed songs on YouTube, or at least you could back in 2013. Please note that the date listed to each song title is based on the information I have and may not be 100% accurate. Here are my thoughts on each of the songs.

Bad Bad Day (2003)- What a fun song! You can tell that this was definitely from the Try This era as it fits in with the theme of that album. The song stands out for a number of reasons. It was recorded quite informally, with random bits of audio to contrast with the main song. The song starts with soft piano and singing to a slow rhythm. The voice in this section doesn’t actually sound like P!nk, but I’m not saying that it isn’t her. It is made to sound like she is performing for a live audience at a formal event. She starts out very formal and sweet before turning on the rock and roll. Stand out lyric is definitely “The only time I smile is when I brush my teeth. The sex last night sucked I woulda rather been asleep”. The song finishes up in a similar way to how it started, P!nk randomly talking, wonder where her audience has gone.

Can’t Help It (2008)- A typical song inspired by and written for Carey Hart. It describes the love hate relationship that they have. The chorus is very upbeat and great to dance to. Stand out lyrics are “I love you so much I wanna slash your tyres, To keep you from drivin’ drunk. Come over here I want you to taste my poison, To stop you from eating junk”. The part about slashing tyres is actually based on a true story. You can see P!nk talk about it in this interview (start watching at 5 mins). It is actually an outrageously raunchy and dangerous story, classically P!nk and told with plenty of humour.

Centrefold (2006)- The info that I has got says that the song was written in 2006 as part of I’m Not Dead, although when you listen to it, is sounds a lot more suited to Funhouse which was written during the time that P!nk and Carey were apart. It is a great fast paced song with plenty of energy.

Crash and Burn (2006)- This song has themes that relate it to Dear Mr President which was written around the same time. The song touches on idea of destruction of the natural environment, politics, propaganda and greed. The song also reminds me of the bonus track from Missundaztood titled Catch 22. There is reference to airplanes and flight such as “If you’re under pressure, There’s a mask above your head, Make sure yours is secure, Before you try to help your friend”. Essentially the song Crash and Burn explores the idea of being isolated from the world while flying around in a first class plane, escaping everyday life and the issues facing society. The best part of this song for me is that it features many examples of P!nk’s iconic unique laugh. The song has a very relaxed and exotic vibe.

Disconnected (2006)- Looking at the estimated time of writing and recording of this song, I would describe its themes as a combination of Stupid Girls and I’ve Got Money Now, both of which feature on the album I’m Not Dead which was released in 2006. It discusses some of the shallow aspects of society such as commercialism and the celebrity gossip industry which ties it to Stupid Girls, but also discusses her isolation and inability to connect with other people which ties it to I’ve Got Money Now. The song features sound effects similar to what is heard on a telephone.

Heartbreaker (2006)- Off all the songs that I have listed in this post, this is one of two that I found the most powerful. The lyrics are incredibly raw, in honest P!nk fashion, but it is the way it is predicts what happens in the following few years that makes it so significant. At this point (2006) she has only just gotten married, yet she is already predicting a break-up. The whole song has standout lyrics, but if I had to pick a line it would be this “There’s a ring around my finger, But will you change your mind? And you tell me that I’m beautiful, But that could be a lie”. The chorus also rips my heart out, lyrics include “What if I’m fallin’ for a heartbreaker? And everything is just a lie, I won’t be leavin’ here alive, I won’t be leavin’ here alive, no”. To top off the powerful lyrics the song has a very powerful and strong musical beat. It is very much rock and roll P!nk, but also beautiful, vulnerable and delicate in a way that only P!nk can balance.

Leaving For The Last Time (2000)- Written during the R&B Can’t Take Me Home album era, this song is similar to many others that featured on the album. A generic love song, a message to a guy. This song doesn’t have signature P!nk flare as she was yet to enter that stage of her career.

Living In My World (2000)- Another R&B track written in 2000. Again, this is similar to many others that feature on the album Can’t Take Me Home.

To Love Me Now (2010)- I have this song marked as 2010, but I’m not really sure about that. It may have been recorded as an extra track for her Greatest Hits So Far album, but the theme doesn’t fit with the time of her life. Although P!nk occasionally writes songs that are clearly outside the perspective with her relationship with Carey Hart (Um, did anyone notice the lyrics in the 2012 song ‘Where Did The Beat Go?’!!) it isn’t her usual style. This song seems to talk about an affair, without long term commitments. It has a funky beat that actually reminds me of a couple of song P!nk sang as part of the Happy Feet Two movie soundtrack.

When We’re Through (2008)- This song matches Heartbreaker for its breathtaking honesty. It is kinda like the other half of the song. The part that tells what happens afterward. Just like in Heartbreaker, there are many mentionable lyrics. The whole song is exceptionally written. Here are some of the bits that really hit me “I woke up one early evening and I knew I was alone, Did the sun come up or did it rain again, I’ll never know”    “There was a message from my mother, From about 7a.m. said I’ve forgotten what you sound like, And I’m wondering how you’ve been, I cried myself to asleep back on the floor, Unconscious in denial.”    “Life is just a little part of what the world will do, To get it’s point across it beats you ‘til you’re black & blue”   “There’s a cafe around the corner from a home I call a house, I sit and play sudoku ‘til I figure some shit out”   “And my friends have asked the question, Baby, will you be okay?, I wanna tell them yes, ‘cause I know that’s what I should say.”    There is also a reference to Janis Joplin, who P!nk has always listed as a great inspiration “Janis sings to me just like she’s sitting by my side, And I wonder just how many times she sat like me and cried, I’ve made it past the age of twenty-seven, so there’s no use in dying”.

Words (2006)- A thoughtful P!nk song that asks questions about the power of language. The song can be summed up by its chorus “Words are just words, They get in my way, I can never say what I wanna say, Who will understand it anyway?”. The song talks about the way P!nk sometimes struggles to express herself through spoken language. The verses use clever wordplay to create lyrics.  

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on each of these P!nk songs. If you haven’t heard these songs you should be able to find them on YouTube. I highly recommend at least a quick listen. If you have heard them before, feel free to let me know what you think of my thoughts by leaving a comment. I know that this is much longer than my average post, but I thought it important to share the experience with you and mark my first post of 2015 with something special. Hopefully there will be plenty more fabulous P!nk posts as the year continues.

99. 2008

Blog turns two

Christmas Eve marks the anniversary of this blog. It was launched in 2012 and last year celebrated its first birthday. Two years on from my first post, I still have a lot of fun writing and sharing the latest P!nk news. I would like to thank everyone who has ever read one of my posts. I have achieved some amazing blog stats over the last two years, as well as social media achievements on Twitter and YouTube. Thanks, Merry Christmas and here is to an awesome 2015.

1 2 3 statsstats 2 youtube

Christmas time (almost)

In case you missed it, Carey posted a instagram video of P!nk and some buddies caroling a couple of hours ago.

Here is some of my favourite P!nk Christmas art found on the Internet.

art 74 (2012) art 76. 2009 art 75 (2001)Some past social media posts from the Hart family during the Christmas season.

tweet- carey's thoughts on xmas (2012) tweet- xmas 1 (2013) tweet- xmas 2 (2013) tweet- xmas 3 (2013) tweet- xmas carols (2013) willow 58- Willz is pumped with the tree next to our breakfast table (2013) willow 59- The wonder of Christmas (2013)Along with Christmas wishes from Laura who runs the amazing P!nk History blog, and my plea for a P!nk Christmas album, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

P!nk launches the Christmas season

Every year one of Venice Beach’s most well known residents is asked to flip the switch to the Venice Beach Christmas lights to launch the holiday season. This year P!nk and her family were given the honour. There is also a video on YouTube, however the end is a sad reminder of how hard it must be to try and enjoy yourself when everyone knows who you are. Not quite classed paparazzi, but its not far off.


60 62 63

Katy Perry challenging P!nk?

Had to share the link to this post on Facebook. Hating on how Katy Perry is trying to steal Australia from P!nk.

UntitledThe issues first arose when Katy Perry announced her tour in 2013…….

ImageUpon reading this tweet, I felt two things at the same time. I felt like laughing and I felt angry. I laughed because there is no way in hell that Katy Perry will ever be as popular as P!nk and play the same amount of shows in Australia. In America maybe, but not in Australia.

It also pissed me off. Why does Katy Perry feel the need to better P!nk’s achievement? Although nothing can ever take away P!nk’s record number of shows and amazing popularity, the idea of another artist trying to better her in Australia pisses me off. P!nk has struggled to get into mainstream American culture for years, Australia is one of the places that she feels accepted and loved. Why try and steal that from her?

I think that the other thing that annoyed me is how little Katy Perry knows about Australia and her lack of experience with the country. I mean her statement alone shows a lot of ignorance. P!nk has been pulling off huge Australian tours since 2006/ 2007. Back then no-one had even heard of Katy Perry. I feel offended that Katy Perry can make that sort of statement which assumes a lot about Australia and Australians. Sure I like most of her songs and I know that a lot of Aussies do, but there is a big difference between doing maybe 15- 20 shows in Australia and challenging P!nk’s 40- 50 shows.

So basically what I’m trying to say here is I don’t think Katy Perry should make ignorant statements about Australians. I don’t think she should compare herself to P!nk. I have nothing against her coming to tour Australia but leave P!nk out of it.


I’m back!

Sorry if the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Aside from the (well deserved) career break P!nk is taking, I’ve also been traveling. My last blog post titled “I’m heading for Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena” expressed the hope that I would see some of the P!nk memorabilia located around the Rod Laver Arena to celebrate her record breaking Australian tours. I gave myself what I believed were two excellent opportunities to complete my mission.

The first opportunity was located in a tourism booklet promoting Melbourne. Listed amongst the venues that would be visited as part of a sports tour, was the Rod Laver Arena. After seeing Flemington and the MCG, we finally reached the Rod Laver Arena. I understood that the behind the scenes tour of the venue would focus on tennis as it is the main sport held there, but I figured that we would pass at least one of the P!nk plaques situated around the building. I thought it would be mentioned as a side comment for the sports crazy fans. To be fair, we did see a lot of behind the scenes areas of the venue, including the tennis locker rooms used for the Australian Open and the inside of the VIP corporate boxes, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. It was however, a chance to say that I was in the very same building that P!nk made history (twice)!


IMG_4285My second opportunity came in the form of a Katy Perry concert. I do not want this to turn into a P!nk vs Katy Perry debate, but lets just say that I saw a lot of familiar ideas which frustrated me. This person on Twitter summed it up so well that I thought it deserved a re-tweet and a mention on this blog…

Obviously I am not a fan of Katy Perry, I only went to the concert to try and glimpse some P!nk history. Furthermore the above tweet only highlights one of the similarities I noticed throughout the show.

I am pleased to say that enduring the Katy Perry concert brought some success to my mission. I did manage to locate a P!nk plaque near Door 18 which is still painted pink in honour of the 18 shows that P!nk performed at the venue last year (though the graphics which are seen in the picture below have since been removed).

523. 2013Here is the unflattering photo of me, complete with dreadful lighting that created reflections all over the plaque (gotta love the classy toilet sign too).

IMG_4463I was surprised that I couldn’t locate the P!nk star at the front entrance. I did look around quite a bit but didn’t spot it. Is there anything that the Rod Laver Arena needs to share with P!nk fans? If (emphasis on use of the word ‘if’) the star has been removed it would be hugely disrespectful and disappointing for all P!nk fans and reflect very poorly on the venue.

I’m glad to be home and I did enjoy my trip to Melbourne, despite not fully completing my P!nk mission.

I’m heading for Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena!

P!nk fans know that the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia has become a shrine to P!nk’s phenomenal Australian popularity. Over the years she has had a number of plaques placed around the building in her honour. Being a P!nk fan, going to the Rod Laver Arena has been on my bucket list for a while. I want to visit the arena and see the plaques up close and in person. Next week my dream is going to come true as I fly to Melbourne to take a tour of the venue. My week long holiday in Melbourne is essentially just to get a few nice photos of me in front of the P!nk plaques. Sure I have got some other cool stuff planned, but I won’t leave without at least one good photo of me next to P!nk memorabilia at the venue.

Not sure what I am talking about? I’ll let these pictures do the talking….

510. 2009 520. 2013 522. 2013 524. 2013 525. 2013 526. 2013 527. 2013 528. 2013

You+Me Live Performance

You+Me had a small exclusive gig at ThomThom’s, Santa Monica. Thanks to social media, the lucky few who were able to attend have given the rest of us an idea of what the gig was like. I’ve got to say it looks pretty damn cool. Please let there be a tour…. one that includes a show in Perth, Australia.

In addition to the fabulous pictures below, some audience members also filmed short instagram videos. Here are some snippets of Love Gone Wrong, Open Door, No Ordinary Love, Second Guess, From A Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues) and Unbeliever.

Bzj_FQCCUAA6C-b BzjvbxuCIAAYn9_ BzkaGy8CMAA2sch BzkroAgCQAAbJk3 tumblr_nd7scrEhRZ1tlanm1o5_500 tumblr_nd7scrEhRZ1tlanm1o6_500

P!nk also shared a picture of herself getting ready for the performance.


Thanks to everyone involved in the online P!nk family for sharing the love and keeping us all up to date.

Rose Ave by You + Me (track by track)

So that is the official commentary for each of the tracks. Below is a combination of the official commentary for each song and my thoughts.

Capsized- The third single that was released. The song is moody and strong. I want to stamp my feet whenever it is playing. In some weird way it reminds me of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

From A Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)- Apparently this song was partly inspired by Cate Blanchett’s 2014 Oscars speech. I cringed at hearing P!nk say this. I haven’t gone back to re-watch the speech, but from what I remember it was an erratic few minutes. At the time I thought “she’s either forgotten to take her meds or she has had too many”. Aside from this, I really like the song and LOVE the parts where P!nk hits the high notes “these highs are so *HIGH* the lows are killing me”.

Gently- The song talks about the nature of fame and music and is one of the first songs that they recorded together. Apparently P!nk was getting frustrated trying to learn it as Dallas had been working on parts of it for the past year. I like how many of the notes waver and how P!nk stretches her vocal limits to sing in a higher range. It shows a different side to her voice.

Love Gone Wrong- One of the songs that is most easy to remember from the first few listens as it repeats the song title in the chorus. It is an easy listening, smooth paced song. According to the official commentary, P!nk heard the sound from Dallas while on a treadmill during her TTAL tour in Chicago and knew from that moment that the project would work. The official commentary also revealed that P!nk wrote the second half of the lyrics really quickly which stunned Dallas. I like how it is a fun and casual song particularly the repeated use of “baby, baby”. This song has a more upbeat tempo than most of the other songs. It is the song that has the most distinction between the two voices as they each get a solo verse and chorus.

You and Me- The first single to be released which is also the name of the band. It explains the concept behind the whole album and made a statement about the sounds we could expect in the future. Despite being the first song released, it is apparently one of the last songs to recorded. Upon the release of this song there was a lot of discussion between fans about the pairing of the voices. There was speculation regarding whether or not the whole album would combine both voices for its entirety.

Unbeliever- Dallas spent the morning creating the song while P!nk was busy. The original idea and composition by Dallas was much slower than the song we know. P!nk wanted it faster and happier. The chorus is memorable and beautiful “I keep hanging on…. I keep hanging on…. and on… ooh ooh ooh… ooh ooh ooh”.

Second Guess- This song is memorable because of the layering of the song, described as ‘rounds’ by P!nk and Dallas. Friends of P!nk have declared it their faves. It was also noted as Dallas’ first recorded ‘F word’. Memorable phrases/ harmonies include “I don’t know where to go from here now” “back and forth, back and forth”

Break the Cycle- The second single that was released. This is probably the most distinctive sounding song on the whole album and right now it is my favourite. I love knowing that it is dedicated to P!nk’s mum, Judy. The song includes a lot of disconnected rhythms and sounds, but this is what makes it so good, it fits the message of ‘breaking the cycle’.

Open door- This song was written for Dallas’ parents. This song is notable for the heart tugging lyrics which include “I recall, a time when you and I would talk a little more” and “Dear mother, I know I have been away for far too long, dear mother, I hope you understand it when you hear this song”.

No Ordinary Love- This song is a cover. I am not a fan of this song. It sounds like they are wailing the same words over and over. Sorry but it is the truth….

You + Me

So P!nk deflected birthday wishes with a surprise of her own. She and friend Dallas Green have created an album together called Rose Ave which will be released in October.

Many media outlets have reacted with great surprise and have given positive reviews to the collaboration. Here is an article from Billboard.

Here is the track listing:

01 Capsized

02 From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)

03 Gently

04 Love Gone Wrong

05 You And Me

06 Unbeliever

07 Second Guess

08 Break The Cycle

09 Open Door

10 No Ordinary Love

You can get pre-order details, newsletter sign up and all the social media account info off the new You + Me website.

Below are some screen shots and images from social media.



4That’s right. According to this tweet from a Sydney radio station, P!nk is coming to Australia in October. If this is true and she does travel to Australia for promo, we can probably expect a tour in 2015. How exciting!

Official P!nk photo book

Andrew MacPherson has been one of P!nk’s preferred photographers for many years. They are now releasing a photo book to celebrate twelve years of amazing photos which tell the stories of her life and career. Cannot wait for the book to come out in November. Perfect Christmas present idea. You can read more HERE.