Pink and Alice launch

P!nk and her family attended the Alice Through The Looking Glass premiere.

106. 2016

188. 2016

190. 2016

Today the Just Like Fire (Behind the Scenes) was posted on YouTube. She wrote the song for the movie.

P!nk did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

P!nk also performed some songs from the Alice soundtrack outside.

183. 2016


Just Like Fire

P!nk’s new video Just Like Fire is finally here. Love seeing Carey and Willow in the video. How funny is the ending?!? I can totally see Carey doing this in real life. P!nk and Carey do love playing hardcore pranks on each other. Here are some of P!nk’s behind the scenes pics from Instagram.




10 year wedding anniversary

Today is a special day for P!nk and Carey. Today is their 10th wedding anniversary! Technically they did split up for a few months in 2008 but the couple have been dating as far back as 2001. Congratulations to P!nk and Carey. Here are some pictures and song videos to celebrate the occasion. You can also read this article which was published ten years ago at the time of their wedding.

Songs – there are so many songs but here are some of my favourite that tell the story of P!nk and Carey: Love Song, Heartbreaker, So What, Can’t Help It, Mean, When We’re Through and True Love.

Pink, Seventeen, December 1, 2003









56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

The parenting debate

Parenting is such a big topic and celebrity parents are under extra scrutiny. P!nk and Carey have faced their fair share of criticism in the way they bring up Willow. Most of the time I think that the media blow it out of proportion, but occasionally Carey posts something that really just invites negative comments. Usually its bike related, but this time it is alcohol related. It seems to be his other favourite past times. Here is one of his latest instagram posts….

1Seriously? I know that Willow isn’t the average four year old, but I still think that this crosses the line. Being under the influence of alcohol in front of a young child and promoting alcohol isn’t exactly providing a positive message. What do you think?

Willow’s 3rd Birthday Party

Seems like Willow’s birthday was celebrated a day early. Carey has posted some adorable photos on Instagram showing what looks to be an amazing party.

ImageImageImageImageAs for the guest list, we know that Rove and his family were invited…

ImageI love the balloons, the sunshine and the amazing time everyone seems to be having. The Hart’s backyard also looks pretty epic (I’m guessing that is where the party was held). Lush garden and a pretty playground for Willow. Cute!

Carey + Jameson = tweet typos

Now we know that both Carey and P!nk love to party, but some of Carey’s post-Grammy tweets had a few awkward typos in them. I’m sure this *ahem* had nothing to do with his earlier Instagram pictures boasting tiny bottles of Jameson (his favourite drink).

Check out the funnies below…


Grammys 2014

So P!nk may not have one either of her nominations for the song Just Give Me A Reason (ft Nate Ruess), but that doesn’t mean that the 2014 Grammys were a total waste of time. She and Carey looked stunning on the red carpet before P!nk delivered another memorable Grammys performance.


The sh!t hits the fan!

Ok so isn’t this at least the third time we’ve had this conversation??

It starts with P!nk or Carey posting a picture of Willow on some sort of bike. Safety conscious people are outraged that Willz isn’t wearing a helmet and leave comments about it. People start arguing. Pink or Carey then end up having to defend themselves.

I will leave my opinion out of this because it it pretty complicated and arguing about it isn’t very productive. For those who missed the story I have screen captured the picture and most of the tweets below.





I imagine that there will be a follow up story about P!nk’s tweeting spree.