P!nk on Ellen 2016 and live on Facebook

P!nk has done a few more media appearances to promote the new song Just Like Fire. She appeared on Ellen.

21She also did a live Facebook chat with the cute and cheeky Willow. Imagine Willow watching this video in 10 years from now…

Its great to actually see P!nk, although we technically only heard from her last week when she did a bunch of radio interviews. I think that hearing from her is awesome, but seeing her is even better.


I can’t wait for the music video to Just Like Fire (featuring Willow) which should be released in the next few weeks.


P!nk on Aussie radio April 2016

P!nk has been all over Aussie radio today. She spoke with Kyle & Jackie O, Fitzy & Wippa and of course Hamish & Andy. You can hear all of the interviews below.

Kyle and Jackie O – Listen from 41 minutes in.


Fitzy & Wippa Part 1 and Part 2


Hamish and Andy – Listen  to the episode from 28 April 2016, starting at 12 minutes in.

It has also been announced that P!nk is going to be on Ellen again next week. Lock in Wednesday 4 May 2016.


10 years of I’m Not Dead

2016 marks 10 years of I’m Not Dead. Laura from P!nk History has been celebrating this over the last few weeks on Twitter and on her blog. You can read my story about P!nk’s I’m Not Dead album release HERE. It is a significant story with ups and downs, though more importantly, it was my introduction to P!nk and her music. There was an article circulating on Twitter today that looks at 10 years of the song Stupid Girls and ties it to the recent International Women’s Day controversy. The Oprah interview mentioned in the article can be seen below.


Media Wrap Up

P!nk has been doing the media rounds today as part of her work with UNICEF.

She was on GMA.


Footage of P!nk was published showing her trip to Haiti earlier in the year with UNICEF.


P!nk followed up by visiting a school to promote the new activity bands and did a quick media interview.


P!nk also featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The backstage video provides a few more details about a notorious incident in P!nk’s life. She referenced the true story in her song Can’t Help It and mentioned it in a 2012 interview. In addition to the interview below there is also another snippet available on the website.


P!nk then attended a UNICEF ball. There are photos and videos that show her mum Judy and husband Carey attended as well as other familiar faces like Jeanette Jenkins and Justin Derrico.

Rose Ave by You + Me (track by track)

So that is the official commentary for each of the tracks. Below is a combination of the official commentary for each song and my thoughts.

Capsized- The third single that was released. The song is moody and strong. I want to stamp my feet whenever it is playing. In some weird way it reminds me of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

From A Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)- Apparently this song was partly inspired by Cate Blanchett’s 2014 Oscars speech. I cringed at hearing P!nk say this. I haven’t gone back to re-watch the speech, but from what I remember it was an erratic few minutes. At the time I thought “she’s either forgotten to take her meds or she has had too many”. Aside from this, I really like the song and LOVE the parts where P!nk hits the high notes “these highs are so *HIGH* the lows are killing me”.

Gently- The song talks about the nature of fame and music and is one of the first songs that they recorded together. Apparently P!nk was getting frustrated trying to learn it as Dallas had been working on parts of it for the past year. I like how many of the notes waver and how P!nk stretches her vocal limits to sing in a higher range. It shows a different side to her voice.

Love Gone Wrong- One of the songs that is most easy to remember from the first few listens as it repeats the song title in the chorus. It is an easy listening, smooth paced song. According to the official commentary, P!nk heard the sound from Dallas while on a treadmill during her TTAL tour in Chicago and knew from that moment that the project would work. The official commentary also revealed that P!nk wrote the second half of the lyrics really quickly which stunned Dallas. I like how it is a fun and casual song particularly the repeated use of “baby, baby”. This song has a more upbeat tempo than most of the other songs. It is the song that has the most distinction between the two voices as they each get a solo verse and chorus.

You and Me- The first single to be released which is also the name of the band. It explains the concept behind the whole album and made a statement about the sounds we could expect in the future. Despite being the first song released, it is apparently one of the last songs to recorded. Upon the release of this song there was a lot of discussion between fans about the pairing of the voices. There was speculation regarding whether or not the whole album would combine both voices for its entirety.

Unbeliever- Dallas spent the morning creating the song while P!nk was busy. The original idea and composition by Dallas was much slower than the song we know. P!nk wanted it faster and happier. The chorus is memorable and beautiful “I keep hanging on…. I keep hanging on…. and on… ooh ooh ooh… ooh ooh ooh”.

Second Guess- This song is memorable because of the layering of the song, described as ‘rounds’ by P!nk and Dallas. Friends of P!nk have declared it their faves. It was also noted as Dallas’ first recorded ‘F word’. Memorable phrases/ harmonies include “I don’t know where to go from here now” “back and forth, back and forth”

Break the Cycle- The second single that was released. This is probably the most distinctive sounding song on the whole album and right now it is my favourite. I love knowing that it is dedicated to P!nk’s mum, Judy. The song includes a lot of disconnected rhythms and sounds, but this is what makes it so good, it fits the message of ‘breaking the cycle’.

Open door- This song was written for Dallas’ parents. This song is notable for the heart tugging lyrics which include “I recall, a time when you and I would talk a little more” and “Dear mother, I know I have been away for far too long, dear mother, I hope you understand it when you hear this song”.

No Ordinary Love- This song is a cover. I am not a fan of this song. It sounds like they are wailing the same words over and over. Sorry but it is the truth….

The Truth About Photo Shoots

Here is some behind the scenes insight from a P!nk photo shoot. Thanks to P!nk Fans for the following….

“Pretty enough in Pink”

By Stuart Walmsley

If you’ve managed to rebrand a colour, then you must be pretty famous.

Last Thursday I had to make a portrait of pop star Pink, who even I know is kind of a big deal. Perhaps not in my music world, but album sales of more than 45 million commands at least a bit of respect.

When you know your image is pencilled in near the front of the book (tomorrow’s newspaper) the pressure is always on to produce something deserving of that page.

When your image is of someone famous, you also know you’re only going to have five minutes, probably in a shitty location, with a largely disinterested subject.

In these situations it pays to turn up early, scout the location, try unsuccessfully to convince the public relations person to do something different and generally be as prepared as you can. But there’s always a curve ball.

I turned up for this shoot half an hour early and was shown a tiny hotel room where I was to produce the portrait. I pushed for somewhere else, but the suggestion was flatly refused.

I contemplated shooting into the light, but it was super bright outside and the glass was filthy, and with the tiny room it would have been impossible to stop my flashes reflecting in the window.

This left the bed. With the curtains closed, at least I could control the light, and hopefully build up enough rapport in the few minutes to convince her to lie down and look a little playful or seductive.

With about five minutes until Pink arrived, two guys I’ve never seen before entered the tiny space and start silently setting up their own lighting and video equipment. WTF!

Turns out their also from News Ltd and we have five minutes in total for stills AND video.

At this point I had to dig my heels in and insist in going first, trying my best to push all their equipment out of shot.

Pink entered the caustic atmosphere (on time, remarkably), took one look at the bed, and said; “I’m not lying on that.”

“Jesus, this is going well,” I thought.

Usually I try and at least make a bit of smalltalk with my subjects, even of they have sat for 1000 portraits, just out of basic human courtesy.

Demonstrating you’re not a total prick and have some level of composure can go a long way. It might mean a couple of extra minutes, and actually getting a decent image.

But not in this situation. With two video guys and two PR peeps breathing down my neck, I knew I only had a few minutes.

I said to Pink; “Well, will you sit on the bed? As you can see, there’s really not much else we can do in here.”

She agreed, and behind her I had a red gelled flash firing on to the wall to try and make the background look a bit less (or perhaps more) like a cheap hotel. I only had room for one umbrella flash to my left as the key light.

I took a few shots to test the lighting and the images looked – well – horrible. The light was OK, but Pink’s skin tones were anything but. She looked like a poster girl for anemia.

I was using my new Nikon D4, but this was my first encounter with the horrible skin tones it can produce in certain lighting set ups. I had used it on outdoor jobs, but a quick switch to the more familiar territory of the D3s was clearly required, wasting another precious 30 seconds.

I could feel the cavalry on my flanks already closing in, so I just resorted to saying; “OK, give me something fun,” while cringing at myself.

Respect to Pink – she actually gave me some decent expressions – spurred on by my noises of positive reinforcement. Four shots later I was just about to suggest another pose and the PR peeps moved in.

The video guys, spotting their opportunity, swung in to action and I knew it was over.

I thanked Pink for our brief encounter and quickly faded out of her existence. I knew I had something useable, but was already preparing for the inevitable ‘what about the other shots?’ question from the picture desk.

The image ran page three in the early edition of Friday’s Herald Sun, before it was replaced by something fresher (and less anemic) from her Thursday night Melbourne gig in later editions.

But, all things considered, that’s a decent result.

Thanks for Sharing Interviews

P!nk and the cast of Thanks for Sharing did a lot of press interviews last week for the premiere of the movie. Below is a list of links to the interviews.

Access Hollywood (1)

Cast interviews on the red carpet

At 0.20  P!nk talks about why she decided to star in the movie.

At 2.11 P!nk explains why she thinks difficult subject matter should be given a humorous edge.

Access Hollywood (2)

P!nk talks about why she agreed to do the film (it may have involved cheesecake). She shares her ideas about addiction. P!nk also talks about working with Josh Gad and being a newbie in the movie environment. At the end of the interview she discusses the various names she is known by and how Willow called her Alecia. This is a very funny interview!


Talking about Miley Cyrus.

AfterBuzz TV

Carey talking about P!nk in Thanks For Sharing. He talks about living in NYC while filming the movie and visiting the set with a then 3 month old Willow. He also talks about how Willow is growing up and showing an interest and talent in music.

Good Morning America

Talking about being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year, how motherhood has changed her image, being on tour with the family, being a Covergirl and her role in Thanks for Sharing.

Yahoo Movies (1)

How humour and serious story elements work together. The distinction between P!nk and Alecia. Bonding with other cast members, particularly Josh Gad.

Yahoo Movies (2)

Cast interviews

At 2.10 P!nk talks about how sharing emotions and stories can help others cope. She talks about how through her music career she has helped reduce feelings of isolation.

Pink on Aussie TV & Radio

Pink has been dominating Aussie TV in the past few hours. She was on Meet the Press which aired earlier today tonight she is on Sunday Night and Sixty Minutes.

Links to watch the interviews online are below:

Meet the Press

Sunday Night [Part 1 & 2] September Issue and Talking motherhood

Sixty Minutes

Today Show



Pink has also done a radio interview with NOVA recently (from 22.30 mins).

Glamour photo shoot

Here is a quick video from Pink’s photo shoot with Glamour magazine. Two things really struck me. Firstly that she’d get rid of all her tattoos. I can understand maybe getting rid of one or two, but not all of them. To me they are a big part of who she is and how she expresses her individuality and independence. Secondly the end of the video which is really funny. “Oh, Carey! …. I’d bring Carey…. of course!”

Pink is Psychic?

While going through some old magazine interviews I found the article below. It’s from 2004 where Pink and Carey were taking a break from their relationship. In the interview Pink says that even though she and Carey aren’t together at that moment, she knows that one day that would be and that he would be the father of her children. Of course gorgeous baby Willow was born in 2011.


Her song Walk Away from the album Try This, was also written at abut this time (2003) and has the line: “I gave you three years of my life, you always said I’d be your wife”

This of course came true in 2006.


So Pink either has the ability to see the future or she knew from the start that what she and Carey had was TRUE LOVE! 🙂