Pink and Alice launch

P!nk and her family attended the Alice Through The Looking Glass premiere.

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Today the Just Like Fire (Behind the Scenes) was posted on YouTube. She wrote the song for the movie.

P!nk did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

P!nk also performed some songs from the Alice soundtrack outside.

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Just Like Fire

P!nk’s new video Just Like Fire is finally here. Love seeing Carey and Willow in the video. How funny is the ending?!? I can totally see Carey doing this in real life. P!nk and Carey do love playing hardcore pranks on each other. Here are some of P!nk’s behind the scenes pics from Instagram.




P!nk on Ellen 2016 and live on Facebook

P!nk has done a few more media appearances to promote the new song Just Like Fire. She appeared on Ellen.

21She also did a live Facebook chat with the cute and cheeky Willow. Imagine Willow watching this video in 10 years from now…

Its great to actually see P!nk, although we technically only heard from her last week when she did a bunch of radio interviews. I think that hearing from her is awesome, but seeing her is even better.


I can’t wait for the music video to Just Like Fire (featuring Willow) which should be released in the next few weeks.

Just Like Fire

It is finally here! Just Like Fire has been released and it sounds amazing!

Now I just need P!nk to announce when the new album is being released and when she is next touring Australia…

The speculation is already in overdrive on Twitter. Here are the two most interesting tweets that came across my timeline today.


Note my reply to Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet which is in the lower part of the screen shot as this is where the potential goss is at. I’m not sure whether they will answer me. Probably not as it is all top secret and they won’t be willing to give away too much information.

Speaking of information… the album release details and tour dates I mentioned earlier. Nothing is official yet and probably won’t be announced for a while (which is killing me!), but here is a reasonable estimated schedule from Twitter.


I hope that the album drops before September, as that is a really long wait. Going on history and what usually happens, I’d say that the album comes out in July or August and that the tour starts late January/ early February 2017. It is possible however that P!nk will start touring earlier, perhaps getting one ‘leg’ of the tour over with before the Christmas/ New Year break. Of course anything can happen. Perhaps the album will come out in a few weeks. If P!nk is starting media rounds soon (as per Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet) that is a good indication it will be sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed…

10 years of I’m Not Dead

2016 marks 10 years of I’m Not Dead. Laura from P!nk History has been celebrating this over the last few weeks on Twitter and on her blog. You can read my story about P!nk’s I’m Not Dead album release HERE. It is a significant story with ups and downs, though more importantly, it was my introduction to P!nk and her music. There was an article circulating on Twitter today that looks at 10 years of the song Stupid Girls and ties it to the recent International Women’s Day controversy. The Oprah interview mentioned in the article can be seen below.


P!nk cameo in upcoming movie

It seems that P!nk is taking small steps towards movies and film. Her past film roles include Happy Feet Two and Thanks For Sharing. She is featuring on the soundtrack of the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie which comes out in May 2016 and now the trailer for a new project she has been involved with has been released. News of her involvement in the film surfaced July 2015. Check out the trailer below…

It is unclear how large P!nk’s role in the film will be. For now at least here is a picture of P!nk riding a ‘unicorn’.


I hope that isn’t a real horse…

You can read more about the film on the P!nk Fans Blog.

Oh, and don’t forget that P!nk is also featuring in a new kids show that is starting soon. See what I mean about her moving towards film and television… Please don’t forget about music P!nk. I would really love a new album and tour of Australia soon!

Red, white…. and P!nk

Red, white…. and P!nk. This is how P!nk announced that she is contributing to the soundtrack of the new Alice in Wonderland movie which is titled Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Below is the trailer for the movie and a behind the scenes look at P!nk recording the song.

Apparently the song ‘White Rabbit’ is quite famous, however before today I had never heard it before. I looked up the original on YouTube. I’m not a fan of P!nk’s rendition, in fact the highlight of the trailer for me is hearing the voice of the late Alan Rickman. Hopefully the original song she has written and recorded for the movie is better than White Rabbit. You can read more about the movie and P!nk’s involvement in this article. You can also read about Willow’s influence on P!nk’s participation in the film HERE.

The movie opens on 27 May 2016.

P!nk to star in new animated show

Netflix has announced it will be releasing a new kids TV show in August called Beat Bugs. The animated show is aimed at children and will feature music from the Beatles. P!nk is said to be covering the song ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’.

You can check out the trailer below, although it unfortunately doesn’t feature any music from P!nk. I assume that the pink haired character is the bug that P!nk is voicing. For P!nk fans it will be a long wait, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Media Wrap Up

P!nk has been doing the media rounds today as part of her work with UNICEF.

She was on GMA.


Footage of P!nk was published showing her trip to Haiti earlier in the year with UNICEF.


P!nk followed up by visiting a school to promote the new activity bands and did a quick media interview.


P!nk also featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The backstage video provides a few more details about a notorious incident in P!nk’s life. She referenced the true story in her song Can’t Help It and mentioned it in a 2012 interview. In addition to the interview below there is also another snippet available on the website.


P!nk then attended a UNICEF ball. There are photos and videos that show her mum Judy and husband Carey attended as well as other familiar faces like Jeanette Jenkins and Justin Derrico.

P!nk on Ellen 2015

[8 September 2015 Australian time]

As we know P!nk has written the new theme song for Ellen. She is appearing twice on the show this week. Here are some behind the scenes insights from the sound check on the streets on New York.

The best rehearsal footage available on social media is a video on Facebook. It shows P!nk rehearsing her new song “Today’s the Day”.


Image souce- P!


Mark Schulman posted the team reunited on Instagram.

There are also some other rehearsal Instagram posts that were collated by the P!nkFans blog.

[9 September 2015 Australian time]

P!nk perform her song Try. I love how she mucked it up, it is so her.

She also performed her new song Today’s the Day.

P!nk – Today’s The Day from PinkFans on Vimeo.

There are also some photos of P!nk and Willow on stage together. See the full set HERE.



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[10 September 2015 Australian time]

P!nk has released her song Today’s the Day on Vevo.

P!nk writes a song for Ellen

Awoke to this tweet….

What an amazing way to start the day. The video which features a preview of the song shows P!nk and Willow in the recording studio as well as snippets of The Ellen Show. Click HERE to see a larger version of the video on Ellen’s website. I guess ‘today’s the day’ we hear new music for P!nk.

P!nk speech at award ceremony

Here is another inspiring and revealing speech from P!nk.

This video was filmed at the BMI songwriters of the year awards earlier in the week. As P!nk says at the beginning of the video, she doesn’t enjoy speeches and there are few videos of her delivering extended spoken word in a formal public setting. This speech reminded me a bit of what is arguably P!nk’s most famous speech which she delivered at the HRC dinner in 2010.

There are also some photos taken at the BMI awards night which I have posted below.

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P!nk launches the Christmas season

Every year one of Venice Beach’s most well known residents is asked to flip the switch to the Venice Beach Christmas lights to launch the holiday season. This year P!nk and her family were given the honour. There is also a video on YouTube, however the end is a sad reminder of how hard it must be to try and enjoy yourself when everyone knows who you are. Not quite classed paparazzi, but its not far off.


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You+Me Live Performance

You+Me had a small exclusive gig at ThomThom’s, Santa Monica. Thanks to social media, the lucky few who were able to attend have given the rest of us an idea of what the gig was like. I’ve got to say it looks pretty damn cool. Please let there be a tour…. one that includes a show in Perth, Australia.

In addition to the fabulous pictures below, some audience members also filmed short instagram videos. Here are some snippets of Love Gone Wrong, Open Door, No Ordinary Love, Second Guess, From A Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues) and Unbeliever.

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P!nk also shared a picture of herself getting ready for the performance.


Thanks to everyone involved in the online P!nk family for sharing the love and keeping us all up to date.

Rose Ave by You + Me (track by track)

So that is the official commentary for each of the tracks. Below is a combination of the official commentary for each song and my thoughts.

Capsized- The third single that was released. The song is moody and strong. I want to stamp my feet whenever it is playing. In some weird way it reminds me of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

From A Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)- Apparently this song was partly inspired by Cate Blanchett’s 2014 Oscars speech. I cringed at hearing P!nk say this. I haven’t gone back to re-watch the speech, but from what I remember it was an erratic few minutes. At the time I thought “she’s either forgotten to take her meds or she has had too many”. Aside from this, I really like the song and LOVE the parts where P!nk hits the high notes “these highs are so *HIGH* the lows are killing me”.

Gently- The song talks about the nature of fame and music and is one of the first songs that they recorded together. Apparently P!nk was getting frustrated trying to learn it as Dallas had been working on parts of it for the past year. I like how many of the notes waver and how P!nk stretches her vocal limits to sing in a higher range. It shows a different side to her voice.

Love Gone Wrong- One of the songs that is most easy to remember from the first few listens as it repeats the song title in the chorus. It is an easy listening, smooth paced song. According to the official commentary, P!nk heard the sound from Dallas while on a treadmill during her TTAL tour in Chicago and knew from that moment that the project would work. The official commentary also revealed that P!nk wrote the second half of the lyrics really quickly which stunned Dallas. I like how it is a fun and casual song particularly the repeated use of “baby, baby”. This song has a more upbeat tempo than most of the other songs. It is the song that has the most distinction between the two voices as they each get a solo verse and chorus.

You and Me- The first single to be released which is also the name of the band. It explains the concept behind the whole album and made a statement about the sounds we could expect in the future. Despite being the first song released, it is apparently one of the last songs to recorded. Upon the release of this song there was a lot of discussion between fans about the pairing of the voices. There was speculation regarding whether or not the whole album would combine both voices for its entirety.

Unbeliever- Dallas spent the morning creating the song while P!nk was busy. The original idea and composition by Dallas was much slower than the song we know. P!nk wanted it faster and happier. The chorus is memorable and beautiful “I keep hanging on…. I keep hanging on…. and on… ooh ooh ooh… ooh ooh ooh”.

Second Guess- This song is memorable because of the layering of the song, described as ‘rounds’ by P!nk and Dallas. Friends of P!nk have declared it their faves. It was also noted as Dallas’ first recorded ‘F word’. Memorable phrases/ harmonies include “I don’t know where to go from here now” “back and forth, back and forth”

Break the Cycle- The second single that was released. This is probably the most distinctive sounding song on the whole album and right now it is my favourite. I love knowing that it is dedicated to P!nk’s mum, Judy. The song includes a lot of disconnected rhythms and sounds, but this is what makes it so good, it fits the message of ‘breaking the cycle’.

Open door- This song was written for Dallas’ parents. This song is notable for the heart tugging lyrics which include “I recall, a time when you and I would talk a little more” and “Dear mother, I know I have been away for far too long, dear mother, I hope you understand it when you hear this song”.

No Ordinary Love- This song is a cover. I am not a fan of this song. It sounds like they are wailing the same words over and over. Sorry but it is the truth….

2003 Pepsi Ad

I saw an ad on TV today that seemed a bit familiar.

Here is the Gladiator themed ad for Samsung’s new curved TV

Remind you of anything? How about the 2003 Pepsi ad featuring P!nk.

Maybe its a bit of a stretch, but I think they looked to a legend for inspiration.

Image Image

P!nk to perform at Oscars

It has just been announced that P!nk will be performing at the 2014 Oscars. I thought this was great news and another chance for P!nk to showcase her talent to the world. Then I read that Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the ceremony. Holy crap this will be amazing. Hopefully P!nk gets to do a bit more than sing at the ceremony. Maybe she will be part of a stunt, surprise or joke. She and Ellen get along so well that something is bound to happen.

Here are some happy tweets…


The breaking news was listed as the top story on the Perez Hilton website as seen by the screen shot below.

ImageIn other news today, P!nk is featured in the new CoverGirl commercial.

The Truth About Love Tour DVD

Yesterday the trailer and release date for P!nk’s The Truth About Love DVD was announced.

There are a few comments I want to add to yesterday’s post. Firstly about the trailer…

  • I love how when they fit P!nk’s laugh into the opening sequence and Rubix’s monologue where he says “there will be laughs…”
  • At the 24 second mark of the video I recognised the girl who says she is attending seven shows this tour. Here name is Maddison MacKay and I remembered her from Twitter.
  • I also loved how they added a camera to P!nk’s So What harness. It is very difficult to maintain lung control to sing and to pull of the dance routines or aerial work at the same time. Most people are aware of this, but until now I hadn’t considered managing feelings of nausea and dizziness on top of this. She successfully manages to pull off three lung intensive activities at the same time. It is very impressive!
  • I thought the way they paused the music at 1.18 to let P!nk speak was very cute and effective. The few seconds of quiet amplify how intense the music is when it returns.
  • I also love Kat’s gorgeous floral hair piece.

Here is the DVD info from the Sanity website:

With over 140 shows in 13 countries around the globe, P!nk brings the sold-out show and amazing spectacle of THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE TOUR: LIVE FROM MELBOURNE to ecstatic fans on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 22nd through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

The 1 hour and 50 minute concert was filmed in Melbourne during the Australian leg of the tour, where P!nk broke the record for most dates in one venue on the same tour, performing an astounding 18 shows to almost 250,000 fans – breaking her own record from her previous acclaimed Funhouse Tour in 2009 . Pulling from her seven album repertoire, the show includes some of her biggest hits such as “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),”F***in’ Perfect,” “Try,” “Raise Your Glass,” and “So What” and P!nk’s recent single, “Just Give Me A Reason” featuring Nate Ruess which reached #1 on both the Australian Airplay Charts, the Hot 100 Chart for 3 consecutive weeks and topped global charts all over the world, including the UK and Germany. The DVD also includes bonus features such as rehearsal footage leading up to this spectacular show!

THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE TOUR: LIVE FROM MELBOURNE features the jaw-dropping theatrics and acrobatics that P!nk has become renowned for, collaborating with creative partner and show director Larn Poland (who also directed The Funhouse Tour: Live In Australia) to produce a visually stunning stage production that includes pyrotechnics, soaring stunts, and career-spanning hits. P!nk continues on The Truth About Love Tour in the U.S. through the end of 2013, finishing her record-breaking tour on December 14th in Atlanta.


Raise Your Glass
Walk Of Shame
Just Like A Pill
U + UR Hand
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
Wicked Game
Just Give Me A Reason
Are We All We Are
How Come You’re Not Here
Chaos & Piss (Interlude)
The Great Escape
Who Knew
Time After Time
F**kin’ Perfect
Can’t Take Me Home Medley
Slut Like You
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
So What
The Truth About Tour
A Day In The Life Of Rubix
Slut Like You (Bluegrass Version)

I am very excited for the DVD release (22 November for Australia, 25 November everywhere else). One of my favourite parts of the tour DVDs is actually the behind the scenes doco. It looks as though one has been included with this DVD entitled ‘The Truth About Tour’.

Aussies can pre-order the DVD from the Sanity website NOW!

Thanks for Sharing Interviews

P!nk and the cast of Thanks for Sharing did a lot of press interviews last week for the premiere of the movie. Below is a list of links to the interviews.

Access Hollywood (1)

Cast interviews on the red carpet

At 0.20  P!nk talks about why she decided to star in the movie.

At 2.11 P!nk explains why she thinks difficult subject matter should be given a humorous edge.

Access Hollywood (2)

P!nk talks about why she agreed to do the film (it may have involved cheesecake). She shares her ideas about addiction. P!nk also talks about working with Josh Gad and being a newbie in the movie environment. At the end of the interview she discusses the various names she is known by and how Willow called her Alecia. This is a very funny interview!


Talking about Miley Cyrus.

AfterBuzz TV

Carey talking about P!nk in Thanks For Sharing. He talks about living in NYC while filming the movie and visiting the set with a then 3 month old Willow. He also talks about how Willow is growing up and showing an interest and talent in music.

Good Morning America

Talking about being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year, how motherhood has changed her image, being on tour with the family, being a Covergirl and her role in Thanks for Sharing.

Yahoo Movies (1)

How humour and serious story elements work together. The distinction between P!nk and Alecia. Bonding with other cast members, particularly Josh Gad.

Yahoo Movies (2)

Cast interviews

At 2.10 P!nk talks about how sharing emotions and stories can help others cope. She talks about how through her music career she has helped reduce feelings of isolation.

Happy Brithday P!nk 2013

This is my video for P!nk to celebrate her birthday on Sunday 8 September. I uploaded it early so that she might see it before everyone else sends their birthday messages. No paparazzi pictures used!

I do not own the images or music used in the video. Picture credit goes to owners. Music credit goes to P!nk.