Final blog post (and that Instagram hack)

This will be the final blog post on this blog. I do hope that you have enjoyed reading the latest P!nk news over the last few years. My decision to stop this blog has been something I’ve considered for a while and was cemented by today after the fallout from the Instagram hack.

The Instagram hack – P!nk’s private account was hacked. I’m not sure whether the page was made public or if all her follow requests from fans were accepted, either way her page was visible to a lot of people for a few hours. After the account was re-secured, P!nk went on a Twitter rant and some of the elite fan accounts turned rabid with their own comments, also re-tweeting others. Here are the some of screen shots (I’m Marie)…






I guess that this was the tipping point for me. Some of P!nk’s more recent comments and decisions have left me unimpressed. Seeing the contents of her private photos also illuminated me to her uncensored self. Some of the things she has spoken out against publicly were visible in her own private photos. I still appreciate her and will probably listen to future music. I just need to take a step back.

Thanks to all my readers. This blog will remain as an archive of some amazing times and memories.


Popstar movie update

Popstar: Never stop never stopping is out in cinemas in the USA this week. Australia and the UK have a release date marked down for late August 2016. As such a few things have been circulating on social media lately. It was announced that P!nk would feature in the movie around a year ago and the trailer was released in March 2016.

This article talks a bit about the movie, while a song that features P!nk from the movie soundtrack has also found its way online. I look forward to seeing the movie in August.



Articles – Hair and House

A few interesting articles have hit Twitter in the last few days.

There was an article about P!nk’s hair at the Billboard Music Awards. The article features an interview with P!nk’s hair stylist Pamela Neal.

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Show

LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 22: Recording artist Pink performs onstage during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


There is also a new article about P!nk’s Malibu residence which was advertised for sale last year. The article also features bits and pieces of P!nk’s recent media interviews.


Just Like Fire

P!nk’s new video Just Like Fire is finally here. Love seeing Carey and Willow in the video. How funny is the ending?!? I can totally see Carey doing this in real life. P!nk and Carey do love playing hardcore pranks on each other. Here are some of P!nk’s behind the scenes pics from Instagram.




P!nk on Ellen 2016 and live on Facebook

P!nk has done a few more media appearances to promote the new song Just Like Fire. She appeared on Ellen.

21She also did a live Facebook chat with the cute and cheeky Willow. Imagine Willow watching this video in 10 years from now…

Its great to actually see P!nk, although we technically only heard from her last week when she did a bunch of radio interviews. I think that hearing from her is awesome, but seeing her is even better.


I can’t wait for the music video to Just Like Fire (featuring Willow) which should be released in the next few weeks.

P!nk on Aussie radio April 2016

P!nk has been all over Aussie radio today. She spoke with Kyle & Jackie O, Fitzy & Wippa and of course Hamish & Andy. You can hear all of the interviews below.

Kyle and Jackie O – Listen from 41 minutes in.


Fitzy & Wippa Part 1 and Part 2


Hamish and Andy – Listen  to the episode from 28 April 2016, starting at 12 minutes in.

It has also been announced that P!nk is going to be on Ellen again next week. Lock in Wednesday 4 May 2016.


The band is back together!

I saw Mark Schulman’s photo as a re-post in my timeline. I was so shocked and surprised, but so happy. I promptly checked out the pages of the rest of the band and found more evidence. P!nk’s band is getting back together! No one is sure where they are going or what they will be doing, but it is certainly a positive sign.




Just Like Fire

It is finally here! Just Like Fire has been released and it sounds amazing!

Now I just need P!nk to announce when the new album is being released and when she is next touring Australia…

The speculation is already in overdrive on Twitter. Here are the two most interesting tweets that came across my timeline today.


Note my reply to Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet which is in the lower part of the screen shot as this is where the potential goss is at. I’m not sure whether they will answer me. Probably not as it is all top secret and they won’t be willing to give away too much information.

Speaking of information… the album release details and tour dates I mentioned earlier. Nothing is official yet and probably won’t be announced for a while (which is killing me!), but here is a reasonable estimated schedule from Twitter.


I hope that the album drops before September, as that is a really long wait. Going on history and what usually happens, I’d say that the album comes out in July or August and that the tour starts late January/ early February 2017. It is possible however that P!nk will start touring earlier, perhaps getting one ‘leg’ of the tour over with before the Christmas/ New Year break. Of course anything can happen. Perhaps the album will come out in a few weeks. If P!nk is starting media rounds soon (as per Kyle and Jackie O’s tweet) that is a good indication it will be sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed…

10 years of I’m Not Dead

2016 marks 10 years of I’m Not Dead. Laura from P!nk History has been celebrating this over the last few weeks on Twitter and on her blog. You can read my story about P!nk’s I’m Not Dead album release HERE. It is a significant story with ups and downs, though more importantly, it was my introduction to P!nk and her music. There was an article circulating on Twitter today that looks at 10 years of the song Stupid Girls and ties it to the recent International Women’s Day controversy. The Oprah interview mentioned in the article can be seen below.


It’s official, new music coming!

P!nk is sending more and more signs that there new music and a potential new tour is on its way. P!nk has re-opened a public Instagram account and is regularly posting clues of what is coming. The lead up to new music from P!nk has been building for a long time, almost a year in fact, as you can see from one of my previous blog posts.

Last week it was announced that P!nk has registered two new tracks with her record company. You can see a full list of new tracks HERE.

The clues are really starting to stack up on P!nk’s Instagram…full - Copy

You can check out the pictures in more detail on her page, however these photos shows P!nk and Willow hanging out with Dreya (P!nk’s tour aerial coach). I’m pretty sure they don’t hang out just for fun… especially with the Glitter in the Air silks.

with comment

Today P!nk posted the above image. At first glance it is easy to miss who is in the photo with her. Thanks to a little help from friends on Twitter it is certainly safe that P!nk is with one of her favourite music video directors, Dave Meyers. I admit that the caption was so distracting that I didn’t have a chance to pay attention to the rest of the photo before reading the tip-off on Twitter. As the comment on Twitter suggested, it would seem that P!nk is filming some sort of video for her rendition of White Rabbit which will feature in the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie being released in May.

So… between registering new tracks, meeting with her tour and music video friends, upping her publicity by posting regularly on her new Instagram page, and dropping hints about the future, it seems safe to say that P!nk is getting ready to drop a new album and embark on a new world tour soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed….

P!nk on Instagram

A few days ago P!nk announced that she is back on Instagram…


My first thought was that P!nk seemed to be quoting her old neighbour Matthew McConaughey, (she admitted it in a 2012 interview – 4 mins in). My second thought was to wonder whether she was in control of the account or whether it would be managed by her media team like her Facebook (see 28.10 in this video). From her first post and profile picture I was unsure. Subsequent posts followed quickly and left no doubt at all that P!nk controls her account. P!nk has treated us with a few photos of Willow and her mum Judy. So if you aren’t already following P!nk, here’s her page.



P!nk cameo in upcoming movie

It seems that P!nk is taking small steps towards movies and film. Her past film roles include Happy Feet Two and Thanks For Sharing. She is featuring on the soundtrack of the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie which comes out in May 2016 and now the trailer for a new project she has been involved with has been released. News of her involvement in the film surfaced July 2015. Check out the trailer below…

It is unclear how large P!nk’s role in the film will be. For now at least here is a picture of P!nk riding a ‘unicorn’.


I hope that isn’t a real horse…

You can read more about the film on the P!nk Fans Blog.

Oh, and don’t forget that P!nk is also featuring in a new kids show that is starting soon. See what I mean about her moving towards film and television… Please don’t forget about music P!nk. I would really love a new album and tour of Australia soon!

Women’s Day War

P!nk had some encouraging words to share on Twitter to celebrate International Women’s Day. Unfortunately some people have once again interpreted her words as an insult to another celebrity. In this case P!nk is said to have dissed Kim Kardashian.

Here is P!nk’s post from Twitter.


Some people believe that her post was at least partially inspired, and in reference to a nude selfie from Kim that was 24 hours prior to P!nk’s tweet.

Today I came across two articles (one from ET and one from PopCrush) which suggest that P!nk’s tweet did indeed take a swipe at Kim. The articles are based upon social media posts from Amber Rose who (for some unknown reason) attacks P!nk on behalf of Kim.

There are many varied reactions to the accusation and a number of interesting points have been brought forward by both P!nk’s original post and the response that followed it. First and foremost it must be pointed out that P!nk never referenced Kim, not even vaguely. I don’t really understand how anyone could argue a clear link between the two posts. Secondly, P!nk’s message and opinion is not new or revolutionary. She has been sharing a similar message for the last decade with her song Stupid Girls which was released in 2006.

The article from ET points out that P!nks has posed nude before and that her concert outfits are quite revealing. This is true, however the 2014 nude shoot was for animal rights group PETA and the reason for nudity was vital to the message. The photo was shot in a way that was neither seductive or suggestive, and in fact P!nk covers as much as she can in the circumstances. With regards to her tour outfits it is true that they are usually very fitted and low cut. In most circumstances however it is necessary, as P!nk needs to be able to grip the apparatus with her skin, have a full range of movement and can’t risk material getting caught on a harness.


The article from PopCrush quotes the post from Amber Rose, I have copied below.

“Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that’s none of ur business or anyone else’s. Now, if u wanna talk to kids and be a mentor to young teens, tell them to go to school and to not use their bodies to get ahead?! I’m all for it! But please as a grown woman let another grown woman live as she wishes. That’s our problem! We’re so quick to down each other instead of uplifting! Pink, We’ve seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope( Beautifully) but what’s the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism. Because u sing while ur half naked does that make it “Classy” or is it because u have a “talent”? I’m not dissing at all Pink just curious after u said “You’ll never have to make a silly excuse for yourself”.

I have several issues with what Amber has said and will explain them in the order she mentioned them. In the first sentence Amber makes excuses for the sexualisation of women by saying that we were born into a society that thinks that way. Umm, no. Then Amber relates P!nk’s post to Kim’s post. As I said earlier, I really don’t understand how anyone could make a definitive connection. How and why does Amber feel the need to publicly scald P!nk who is far beyond anything Amber will ever be? Its just so wrong. Considering that Amber says “that’s none of your business or anyone else’s”she is being a huge hypocrite. The perceived attack on Kim isn’t related to Amber in any way, yet Amber is aggressively involving herself in the situation.

Amber then brings up the comparison between P!nk’s performances and Kim’s picture. I can tell you right now that there is a huge difference between a performance and a photo. P!nk trained as a gymnast for many years as a child. It is part of who she is. When she performs a song she has written, she shares her experience of the song publicly. P!nk’s acrobatic performances are an expression of her music, an athletic accomplishment and an inspiration. There is a huge amount of training and practice that goes into one of her performances. In comparison, taking a selfie has little meaning and takes no effort whatsoever. Sure Kim might feel empowered by her body and want to share positive body image messages, but it doesn’t compare to P!nk. As a side note, I feel Kim is incapable of sharing a positive body image message considering the lengths she has gone to in order to modify her appearance. From plastic surgery to hair extensions, Kim doesn’t embrace anything truly natural.

Amber then tries to turn the argument into a discussion about class. I find it so strange that she accuses P!nk of classicism when you compare the laid back and casual lifestyle of P!nk, to the designer, first class lifestyle of Kim. P!nk is often happy to hang out at a motorbike race in baggy pants and an oversized hoodie without a trace of makeup. I can’t see Kim doing the same. To end her post, Amber writes that she isn’t “dissing P!nk”. Um ok, well what would you call the unfair accusation and lecture?

While I won’t say much else about Amber Rose here (since I know almost nothing about her, who the heck is she and why is she famous?) I will say that Amber Rose should stop creating imaginary fights between major celebrities to get attention. In fact, she should follow her own advice and mind her own business.

Red, white…. and P!nk

Red, white…. and P!nk. This is how P!nk announced that she is contributing to the soundtrack of the new Alice in Wonderland movie which is titled Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Below is the trailer for the movie and a behind the scenes look at P!nk recording the song.

Apparently the song ‘White Rabbit’ is quite famous, however before today I had never heard it before. I looked up the original on YouTube. I’m not a fan of P!nk’s rendition, in fact the highlight of the trailer for me is hearing the voice of the late Alan Rickman. Hopefully the original song she has written and recorded for the movie is better than White Rabbit. You can read more about the movie and P!nk’s involvement in this article. You can also read about Willow’s influence on P!nk’s participation in the film HERE.

The movie opens on 27 May 2016.

P!nk to star in new animated show

Netflix has announced it will be releasing a new kids TV show in August called Beat Bugs. The animated show is aimed at children and will feature music from the Beatles. P!nk is said to be covering the song ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’.

You can check out the trailer below, although it unfortunately doesn’t feature any music from P!nk. I assume that the pink haired character is the bug that P!nk is voicing. For P!nk fans it will be a long wait, but hopefully it will be worth it.

10 year wedding anniversary

Today is a special day for P!nk and Carey. Today is their 10th wedding anniversary! Technically they did split up for a few months in 2008 but the couple have been dating as far back as 2001. Congratulations to P!nk and Carey. Here are some pictures and song videos to celebrate the occasion. You can also read this article which was published ten years ago at the time of their wedding.

Songs – there are so many songs but here are some of my favourite that tell the story of P!nk and Carey: Love Song, Heartbreaker, So What, Can’t Help It, Mean, When We’re Through and True Love.

Pink, Seventeen, December 1, 2003









56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Hope you had a P!nk Christmas

The last few days I’ve been unwell. I don’t understand how I caught a cold considering that it is summer in Australia. I got sick on Christmas Eve which also happen so be the third anniversary of this blog.

I hope you had a P!nk Christmas even though Alecia has taken most of the year away from the spotlight. I simply must re-post the photo she posted on Twitter earlier today.

68. 2015

Who knows what 2016 will bring… I am hoping for a new album and tour from the amazing Alecia (a.k.a. P!nk).

Media Wrap Up

P!nk has been doing the media rounds today as part of her work with UNICEF.

She was on GMA.


Footage of P!nk was published showing her trip to Haiti earlier in the year with UNICEF.


P!nk followed up by visiting a school to promote the new activity bands and did a quick media interview.


P!nk also featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The backstage video provides a few more details about a notorious incident in P!nk’s life. She referenced the true story in her song Can’t Help It and mentioned it in a 2012 interview. In addition to the interview below there is also another snippet available on the website.


P!nk then attended a UNICEF ball. There are photos and videos that show her mum Judy and husband Carey attended as well as other familiar faces like Jeanette Jenkins and Justin Derrico.

The parenting debate

Parenting is such a big topic and celebrity parents are under extra scrutiny. P!nk and Carey have faced their fair share of criticism in the way they bring up Willow. Most of the time I think that the media blow it out of proportion, but occasionally Carey posts something that really just invites negative comments. Usually its bike related, but this time it is alcohol related. It seems to be his other favourite past times. Here is one of his latest instagram posts….

1Seriously? I know that Willow isn’t the average four year old, but I still think that this crosses the line. Being under the influence of alcohol in front of a young child and promoting alcohol isn’t exactly providing a positive message. What do you think?

P!nk on Ellen 2015

[8 September 2015 Australian time]

As we know P!nk has written the new theme song for Ellen. She is appearing twice on the show this week. Here are some behind the scenes insights from the sound check on the streets on New York.

The best rehearsal footage available on social media is a video on Facebook. It shows P!nk rehearsing her new song “Today’s the Day”.


Image souce- P!


Mark Schulman posted the team reunited on Instagram.

There are also some other rehearsal Instagram posts that were collated by the P!nkFans blog.

[9 September 2015 Australian time]

P!nk perform her song Try. I love how she mucked it up, it is so her.

She also performed her new song Today’s the Day.

P!nk – Today’s The Day from PinkFans on Vimeo.

There are also some photos of P!nk and Willow on stage together. See the full set HERE.



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[10 September 2015 Australian time]

P!nk has released her song Today’s the Day on Vevo.

“You make me sick” – P!nk

I am sick of P!nk creating drama on Twitter. Why does she feel the need to address her haters so frequently? Why does she turn the situation into something bigger than what it is by posting an excess number of tweets about it? I understand that she unfortunately gets a lot of tweets from haters and that she is entitled to address the issue. It just gets old for long term fans. P!nk has been relatively quiet on Twitter since her TTAL tour ended in February 2014. It sucks that on the rare occasions that she tweets it is often to address negativity. Here is the latest…

P!nk wrote a tweet on the night of the MTV VMAs.


Then she got tweets from the fandoms of other artists who performed on the night saying that her tweet was a deliberate snub. Media reports indicate that she also wrote some negative comments on her private instagram account. P!nk was then forced into damage control.


She re-tweeted and responded to others who showed her support or proved her point by sending her more hate. 3



Not content to leave the matter lie, she continued to comment about the issue hours later.6




Just when I thought that the irritating Twitter rant was over, I woke up to read this…


I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!

On another note, I am curious as to why P!nk was eating Chef Robbie’s food. I was under the impression that he only worked with P!nk and her family while she was on tour. Are they maybe preparing and developing a menu for a tour to go with P!nk’s new album? That is exciting news!

P!nk to appear on Ellen 2015

The story starts with this tweet…

The story continues with this tweet…

The story concludes with this tweet…

So essentially P!nk announced that she will be performing her song “Today’s The Day” for the launch of Ellen’s new season which commences on the week of her birthday. It was announced last week that P!nk had written and recorded the new theme song for Ellen’s show. The second tweet from ‘PinkFans’ contains the official press release regarding P!nk’s appearance on the show. The final tweet is a comment I wrote in reply to a tweet from ‘Pink’s Global Army’ speculating and hoping that P!nk may use the opportunity to announce or at least discuss her new album.