Pink and Alice launch

P!nk and her family attended the Alice Through The Looking Glass premiere.

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Today the Just Like Fire (Behind the Scenes) was posted on YouTube. She wrote the song for the movie.

P!nk did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

P!nk also performed some songs from the Alice soundtrack outside.

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Just Like Fire

P!nk’s new video Just Like Fire is finally here. Love seeing Carey and Willow in the video. How funny is the ending?!? I can totally see Carey doing this in real life. P!nk and Carey do love playing hardcore pranks on each other. Here are some of P!nk’s behind the scenes pics from Instagram.




P!nk on Ellen 2016 and live on Facebook

P!nk has done a few more media appearances to promote the new song Just Like Fire. She appeared on Ellen.

21She also did a live Facebook chat with the cute and cheeky Willow. Imagine Willow watching this video in 10 years from now…

Its great to actually see P!nk, although we technically only heard from her last week when she did a bunch of radio interviews. I think that hearing from her is awesome, but seeing her is even better.


I can’t wait for the music video to Just Like Fire (featuring Willow) which should be released in the next few weeks.

It’s official, new music coming!

P!nk is sending more and more signs that there new music and a potential new tour is on its way. P!nk has re-opened a public Instagram account and is regularly posting clues of what is coming. The lead up to new music from P!nk has been building for a long time, almost a year in fact, as you can see from one of my previous blog posts.

Last week it was announced that P!nk has registered two new tracks with her record company. You can see a full list of new tracks HERE.

The clues are really starting to stack up on P!nk’s Instagram…full - Copy

You can check out the pictures in more detail on her page, however these photos shows P!nk and Willow hanging out with Dreya (P!nk’s tour aerial coach). I’m pretty sure they don’t hang out just for fun… especially with the Glitter in the Air silks.

with comment

Today P!nk posted the above image. At first glance it is easy to miss who is in the photo with her. Thanks to a little help from friends on Twitter it is certainly safe that P!nk is with one of her favourite music video directors, Dave Meyers. I admit that the caption was so distracting that I didn’t have a chance to pay attention to the rest of the photo before reading the tip-off on Twitter. As the comment on Twitter suggested, it would seem that P!nk is filming some sort of video for her rendition of White Rabbit which will feature in the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie being released in May.

So… between registering new tracks, meeting with her tour and music video friends, upping her publicity by posting regularly on her new Instagram page, and dropping hints about the future, it seems safe to say that P!nk is getting ready to drop a new album and embark on a new world tour soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed….

P!nk on Instagram

A few days ago P!nk announced that she is back on Instagram…


My first thought was that P!nk seemed to be quoting her old neighbour Matthew McConaughey, (she admitted it in a 2012 interview – 4 mins in). My second thought was to wonder whether she was in control of the account or whether it would be managed by her media team like her Facebook (see 28.10 in this video). From her first post and profile picture I was unsure. Subsequent posts followed quickly and left no doubt at all that P!nk controls her account. P!nk has treated us with a few photos of Willow and her mum Judy. So if you aren’t already following P!nk, here’s her page.



P!nk writes a song for Ellen

Awoke to this tweet….

What an amazing way to start the day. The video which features a preview of the song shows P!nk and Willow in the recording studio as well as snippets of The Ellen Show. Click HERE to see a larger version of the video on Ellen’s website. I guess ‘today’s the day’ we hear new music for P!nk.

P!nk’s dad Jim Moore on Instagram

This is the tweet that blew my mind just a few moments ago. Many fans know that P!nk closed her public instagram account at the end of 2012 and has since been using a private account. I’m not sure however, if many fans know that P!nk’s dad Jim Moore is on instagram and happily chats with P!nk fans. I sure didn’t until I read the tweet above. My mind is blown!

Click HERE to access his public instagram photos and read the interactions between Jim and the many P!nk fans. The photo he posted of himself and Willow (below) is gorgeous.

[UPDATE 13 August 2015- This photo has been removed from his account!]


P!nk- International Women’s Day

P!nk has a reputation as being a strong woman. She is a role model to many women worldwide. Here are just some of the life lessons she has taught me and why she is an inspiration.

P!nk and fans celebrated her achievements on Twitter with the following images.

P!nk launches the Christmas season

Every year one of Venice Beach’s most well known residents is asked to flip the switch to the Venice Beach Christmas lights to launch the holiday season. This year P!nk and her family were given the honour. There is also a video on YouTube, however the end is a sad reminder of how hard it must be to try and enjoy yourself when everyone knows who you are. Not quite classed paparazzi, but its not far off.


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Willow’s 3rd Birthday Party

Seems like Willow’s birthday was celebrated a day early. Carey has posted some adorable photos on Instagram showing what looks to be an amazing party.

ImageImageImageImageAs for the guest list, we know that Rove and his family were invited…

ImageI love the balloons, the sunshine and the amazing time everyone seems to be having. The Hart’s backyard also looks pretty epic (I’m guessing that is where the party was held). Lush garden and a pretty playground for Willow. Cute!

TTAL Tour DVD released early [with gorgeous behind the scenes doco]

Ok so I’ve been on holiday and haven’t been able to blog until now. P!nk’s TTAL Tour DVD was released on the first day of my trip away. I was quite devastated about that. I called my Mum right away but apparently my order hadn’t arrived yet anyway…



The main reason I was so keen to get the DVD is for the behind the scenes doco that comes with it. I saw the concert twice live and re-lived it many more times through YouTube. The behind the scenes doco is new and unseen. I was even more excited for the behind the scenes of this tour DVD because of Willow. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. There was plenty of Willow around and this is the first time we have really heard her talk. What a cutie!


[None of the pics in this post are mine]

The sh!t hits the fan!

Ok so isn’t this at least the third time we’ve had this conversation??

It starts with P!nk or Carey posting a picture of Willow on some sort of bike. Safety conscious people are outraged that Willz isn’t wearing a helmet and leave comments about it. People start arguing. Pink or Carey then end up having to defend themselves.

I will leave my opinion out of this because it it pretty complicated and arguing about it isn’t very productive. For those who missed the story I have screen captured the picture and most of the tweets below.





I imagine that there will be a follow up story about P!nk’s tweeting spree.

Willow on stage!

Willow made her first on stage appearance tonight in Frankfurt! 🙂

Apparently she was by the side of the stage for some of the show before Mama Pink brought her up. We have the first few pictures below




It seems Willow quite enjoyed the experience with Pink later tweeting this:


I was kinda disappointed… I would love to see Willow on stage when I see Pink on 29 June! Who knows, Willow might just get her way. After all according to Pink, Willow has inherited her determination 🙂